Corrugated - Did you know...

The recycling loop of corrugated packaging is so efficient that an old box can be recycled, remade and reused in just two weeks.

Shelves & Tiers

Shelves and Tiers

These Floor standing display units (FSDU’s) can be created for many applications and length of promotion.  With larger more upright units comes a greater opportunity for ‘branding’ and communication...  units will in most cases be bespoke to each project with a high degree of structural design employed...  Tier units are an economical way of promoting sales of Greetings cards, DVD’s, books, leaflets etc...

The above represent a very small selection of Charapak’s corrugated POS portfolio... If you don’t see an idea of your unit here, please give us a call we would be happy to discuss your requirements and have an opportunity to create something special for you. A procedure we regularly complete for some ‘instantly recognisable’ brands. Charapak can decorate each unit with high quality print applications including the latest digital technology from our London facility.

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