Give your customers the best 'Out of box' experience...

Ecommerce Packaging

...with our range of E-Commerce packaging solutions

Wrappable Packaging

You don't sell everything in a uniform size. So we don't expect you to have to send goods out in uniform size packaging. This tried and tested method is so flexible, we can make a solution that works for you.

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Returnable Packaging

Returns are a way of life in internet retailing. Our solutions allow full branding opportunity, safe and secure delivery and return, as well as increased operational efficiency.

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Reversible Packaging

Secure mailing packs that transform into a high quality gift boxes. 100% Recycled, 100% Recyclable and 100% Upcycled… now that's a clever solution!

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Intelligent and Effective E-Commerce Packaging

However good your website, by the time you receive your product, the online purchasing experience can be, at best, functional and often forgettable, meaning most consumers will eventually judge you on how their products were delivered.

Charapak has the expertise and experience to create the best Out of Box Experience for your customers. This will ensure best opportunity for repeat business while offering you valuable benefits in terms of enhanced efficiency and maximum cost-effectiveness.

All Charapak solutions feature our innovative SEALTAK highly adhesive system for secure and efficient sealing, which offers the flexibility to extrude the sealing strip wherever it is required on the pack.

Our e-Commerce portfolio is improved and growing everyday. If you can't see an obvious solution amongst the ones shown please speak to us, our design team would be happy to help.

Our E-commerce packaging solutions offer:

  • High quality branding opportunity
  • Operational and Logistical simplicity
  • Product security
  • Ease of return
  • An Enhanced Opening Experience