There and Back Pack™ - Returnable E-commerce Packaging

Ecommerce Packaging

A unique packaging solution for internet retailing and mail order that combines user convenience and ease of return with a range of branding opportunities.

Returnable e-commerce packaging

Returns are a way of life in internet retailing – averaging at 20-30% of all deliveries. There and Back Pack™ makes it easy for consumers to return items in good condition. Equally important, it can maximise efficiencies and cost-effectiveness in your despatch and returns operations.

Retailer Benefits:

  • Available in stock and bespoke designs and sizes
  • High quality printing inside and out for individual branding
  • Flat packed but ready assembled and easy to fold out – up to 50% increase in productivity compared to standard carton design
  • Secure returns with easy unpacking
  • SealTak strips adhesion more secure than a double sided tape option and tamper proof

Consumer Benefits:

  • Easy to open
  • Easy to return goods
  • 'Upcycling' – pack can be reused if not required for a return

There and Back Pack Ecommerce Packaging

There & Back Pack Deluxe

The Wow Factor on Opening!

There & Back Pack Deluxe is Charapak's innovative solution for giving your customers a truly memorable Out of Box experience.

Particularly appropriate for all types of luxury products, especially the fashion industry, the discreet exterior of the pack gives no clue as to value of the goods it contains, enhancing security during the delivery process.

Inside the box, however, it's a different story. High quality, gloss, litho-printing means stunning eye-catching bespoke designs are revealed the moment the box is opened – giving the consumer a unique experience that confirms the special nature and quality of the items inside.

What's more, there is the facility to print unique alpha numeric codes for special promotions, loyalty schemes and giveaways.

How it works


The closure flap on the box features two adhesive strips separated by a serrated tear strip. The box is initially sealed for despatch to the customer using the first adhesive strip.


The pack is opened by pulling the tear strip which reveals the second adhesive strip on the inside of the open flap.


If the customer wishes to return any items, these are simply replaced in the box and the second strip is exposed to reseal the pack.