Corrugated - Did you know...

Corrugated packaging solves 400,000 packaging problems every year.

It is 35 per cent more cost effective than ten years ago and 20 per cent lighter with no reduction in its structural properties.

Packaging Styles

Charapak produces many styles of corrugated packaging for a wide and diverse client base. Examples of some standard styles can be seen below. If you don’t see you style here or want to be inspired, please contact us.

Corrugated Packaging0215 – Hand ‘crash’ base, simple carton suitable for hand erect applications which would carry a ‘lighter’ load.


Corrugated Packaging0217 – Hand ‘crash’ base with carrying handle suitable for ‘Gift’ style packaging.


Corrugated Packaging0303 – Tray and Lid with auto erect assembly suitable for many applications.


Corrugated Packaging0427 – Hand assembly Diecut only carton, serves a wide variety of applications, can be supplied with a ‘window’ aperture.


Corrugated Packaging0451 – 4 corner glued tray, instant assembly used where packing efficiency is required.


Corrugated Packaging0432 – Simple produce tray, suitable for veg or salad etc.


Corrugated Packaging
Corrugated Packaging0711 / 0713 – Automatic ‘crash lock glued base, carton can be erected by hand in seconds, used where a great efficiency in packing or load weight is required.


0717 – Wine Bottle carrier

This list is by no means definitive, if you don’t see the style of carton you require please call... we’ll be happy to take your instructions and inspire you with our structural and graphic design capabilities... Remember that as well as ‘plain’ corrugated boxes, Charapak also employ award winning Flexo as well as high quality litho laminated options, which will really ensure your products stand out from the crowd.

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