Corrugated - Did you know...

Corrugated packaging is the most versatile packaging. It can be printed or plain, and have a smooth white outer surface for high quality graphic images with a brown inside for improved economies.

Manufacturers produce about 60,000 different print styles of corrugated packaging every month, offering customers maximum scope for creative marketing.

Promotional Packaging

Charapak’s expertise in structural and graphic design will create eye-catching packs, which are effectively brought to life by our extensive print capabilities, to help add value to your product and ensure maximum on-shelf appeal.

We can advise on the most efficient print route during the early stages of design, ensuring that impact is balanced with cost-effectiveness.

In certain cases, this ability to combine the finesse of high quality print with the strength of corrugated can remove the need for additional outer packaging. This helps to create a more favourable environmental image for your product and enables you to meet environmental targets.

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